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Winterizing Your Pool! Do It Yourself Helps

Not long ago I wrote a blog about closing your pool. We have been doing a lot of that in the past couple of weeks.

But what if you are interested in doing it yourself? What do you need to know? I’ll give you a few tips (but not all the trade secrets!!) to get you started!!!

First of all, we know that having a clean pool is helpful when closing, but mostly when opening! Dirt and leaves can leave nasty stains on your liner or painted pool bottom. So a good cleaning is advisable, and also please make sure that you dissolve your granular chlorine shock in a bucket before adding to the pool. You want to be careful because undissolved chemicals can also leave unsightly stains!

Don’t forget to remove your ladder, handrails, slide and diving board. Anything else? Yes!! Remove the skimmer baskets, heaters, vacuums, pool cleaners and anything else that shouldn’t be in the pool. Again, remember that dirt doesn’t belong in your pool either, so remember to vacuum that up as well.

Your filter will also need to be back-washed and water level lowered. Drain and plug up your equipment, you don’t want that water to freeze in the pipes. We had many repairs this year from do-it-yourselfers forgetting to blow out all the water from the pipes and they burst because of our cold winter!

Last but not least, make sure your water chemistry is good and put on the cover! Solid or Mesh, take your time to do it right!

I hope this helps some, please feel free to give us a call or an email and we will be happy to help!!!